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Clay Mugs


Dan Swiger and Joey Sellaro, owners of Loop Creative are both passionate about creating unique, elegant forms from very different raw materials. 


Dan will spend hours in the "Mud Hut" up to his elbows (literally, some days) forming raw clay  into unique art pieces

and functional pottery.  

The Mud Hut
Dragon Fly

Joey will spend hours immersed in his collection of vintage costume jewelry,       painstakingly looking for just the right shape and color to complete one of his "bejeweled shadow boxes."

 While the process and end products differ, one thing remains constant.  Both artisans meld tradition with innovation to bring our customers one-of-a-kind creations.

What's with the Name?

We get this question a lot!


When starting our business, we spent hours trying to find just the right name.  It couldn't include the word pottery, because that was too limiting.  We thought about some combination of our last names and decided that didn't work.  Then, we stumbled on an old map of Fairmont, our adopted hometown, and found that in the early 20th century, our home sat in a subdivision known as "Loop Park".  

Thus, the name Loop Creative seemed like a perfect fit since a piece of art that you purchase from us is created in our home studio, situated right in the middle of Loop Park!

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