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Why Do They Call It Throwing?

So, why do they call it throwing pottery, when it spins on a potter's wheel?

The first step of using a wheel to create with clay is to take the ball of clay in hand, aim for the center of the wheel and throw the clay on the wheel to make it stick.

Once adhered to the wheel, there are several steps in working with the clay. Here are a few of the major steps:

  • Centering - to avoid wobbly pots, center the clay on the wheel. This is often the part that often baffles first-time potters. It's not for the faint of heart.

  • Coning Up - by working the clay up in a cone, then pushing it back to the wheel, any remaining air left in the clay is removed, and the clay itself is homogenized.

  • Pulling the walls - by inserting thumbs into the center of the clay approximately 1/4 inch off of the wheel, the bottom of the piece is created, next both with one hand inside the form and one on the outside, now the potter can pull the walls of the piece to the desired height.

  • Compressing the rim - trim the rim then gently press on the edge to create a smooth uniform edge.

Now that you know what's happening in this time-lapse video, enjoy the show!

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